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Attentive - Create a Segment
Attentive - Create a Segment

This article will walk you through how to set up Segments to work with Shopper Approved.

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How to create a Shopper Approved-specific Segment

  1. You can create a Segment to further market to subscribers who meet certain criteria. Choose Segments from the left-hand menu, click “Create segment”, and choose “Dynamic segment”:

  2. Choose “A subscriber’s activity” from the dropdown menu, and pick the custom event you want to filter by from the second dropdown menu:

  3. After a segment has been created, you can see at a quick glance how many subscribers are included in the campaign and how many are eligible to receive a text based on the conditions you’ve set:

  4. You can now send a text message to every subscriber in that segment by setting up a campaign. Click “Campaigns” on the left-hand menu, and Click “Create campaign”

  5. Here you can choose which segment/audience to send a message to, when to send it, and the message to send. In the example below, we are sending a message to every customer who gave us a critical 1- or 2-star review and offering them a 10% coupon code in the hopes that they’ll give us another chance.

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