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How to change the primary admin
How to change the primary admin

This article walks you through switching your Primary Admin in your Shopper Approved dashboard.

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Who are the Primary Admins?

Primary admins are typically the users who originally started the service. They are the main point of contact when Shopper Approved needs to send your team a message. We understand that there are situations where admins will change, and we want to be able to make that as easy as possible for you to do.

How do you change the Primary Admin?

In your Dashboard, you can change the primary admin under the dropdown in the upper left hand corner > Users > Account Settings > Login/Primary Email Address. Only the primary admin of the account will have the ability to change out their own credentials. 

Once you have changed this email, you will be logged out of the account and no longer able to sign in. If you are a primary admin who is still wishing to be a part of the account as a secondary admin, you can have the new primary admin give you admin permissions through the Accounts tab. Once that is completed, you will receive new login credentials via the email they put under your name in the account. 


If the person who owned the primary admin account no longer works for your company, our support team will happily change those admin credentials for you. If you can, we do ask to provide any information that shows that your past primary admin no longer works for the company or has passed along permissions to the next primary admin account owner. 

If you have any issues with signing over admin permissions to another user, you can always reach out to our support team at [email protected]. We are happy to make those adjustments for you!

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