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Postscript - Segmenting subscribers
Postscript - Segmenting subscribers
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To create a segment using the flows you created with Shopper Approved events, first choose "Segments" from the left-hand menu:

Click the "Create Segment" button. For 'Segment Criteria', choose 'Has Been in Automation Flow' from the drop-down.

Then, select which flow you'd like to use for the segment. In this example, we'd like to create a segment of customers who left positive reviews, so we are choosing the flow we created that uses the "4_and_5_star_positive_review” trigger. We also renamed our segment:

You can then use your segment in a campaign. In this example, we're offering a discount to customers who've left a positive review in the past, or made a purchase in the last 30 days:

You can also segment directly in a new flow with the 'Subscriber Filter':

Segmenting Ideas

To get you started, here are a couple more ideas of ways to use segments to create custom campaigns:

  • Create upsell campaigns that suggests a related product when a customer leaves a review for a specific product.

First, create a new segment that includes product_review AND the name of a product, as in the example below:

Then, create a new campaign that sends to the subscribers in the new group you just created: people who have left a product review for a specific product:

From here, you can add a message to the campaign and have it suggest the new product:

  • Ask customers who left a photo review for a video review

First, create a segment for customers who have left a photo review:

Next, create a new campaign. Send it to subscribers who have left a photo review, and remove a subscriber from the segment once they have left a video review:

Write a message encouraging the customer to leave a video review:

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