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Klaviyo - Shopper Approved Events
Klaviyo - Shopper Approved Events
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One benefit of setting up a Klaviyo with Shopper Approved is having the ability to use the review data for new customers directly in your Klaviyo account. There are four different events that Shopper Approved sends to Klaviyo for customers:

  • "Eligible for Shopper Approved Review" - this is sent when a customer first checks out from your site, and the Shopper Approved system collects the data needed for a review and sends that to Klaviyo

  • "Not Eligible for Shopper Approved Review" - this is sent if the review is marked as cancelled in the Shopper Approved dashboard

  • "Shopper Approved Product Review Completed" - this is sent when a customer leaves a product review through Shopper Approved

  • "Shopper Approved Review Completed" - this is sent when a customer leaves a merchant review through Shopper Approved

These events are attached to a customer's profile in your Klaviyo account, and you can see the content of these events by going into your "Profiles" page, then clicking on a customer's profile. Here is an example profile that has several of the events after they completed their review:

You can then use the event data in Klaviyo flows to send emails or SMS messages requesting a review, or thanking for a review. See this article for an explanation on how to use event data in a flow:

You can also create your own lists of customers base on the event data. To do this, click on "Lists & Segments" from the Klaviyo navigation bar on the left, and select "Create List / Segment" in the top-right:

Then, select "Segment," and give your new list a name and tags. After that, you will want to set up your "Definition," or what criteria qualifies someone to enter this list automatically. From the dropdown, select "What someone has done (or not done)," then select one of the Shopper Approved events as the metric:

You can also specify desired values for the data inside of the event. For example, if you were to create a list of customers who left a low rating, you can have the metric of "Shopper Approved Review Completed," then specify a "where" of the overall_rating data equaling 1. This list will be populated with any profiles, or customers, that completed a merchant review through Shopper Approved that left a one star review:

This is a useful tool to proactively reach out to happy, or unhappy, customers.

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