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Klaviyo - Triggers and Data
Klaviyo - Triggers and Data
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Once you set up your Klaviyo API keys in Shopper Approved, you will then be sent profile data from Shopper Approved to your Klaviyo account, which can be accessed and used in SMS and email flows.

For example, you will likely want to send a review link to the customer at some point after the purchase. Let's create a new Klaviyo flow to send this link automatically to customers who meet certain criteria.

First, log into your Klaviyo dashboard, and select "Flows" from the toolbar on the left:

Then, click on "Create Flow" to create a new flow for the review links to be sent:

You will then have numerous template options to choose from. For now, we will just "Create From Scratch:"

After giving your flow a name and any tags desired, you will then be brought to the flow page. The first thing you will want to do is set up the trigger, which determines which of your Klaviyo customers enter into this new flow. You can customize this however you like, but to make sure the customer is eligible for a Shopper Approved review, you will want to add a Metric into the trigger, with the action being "Eligible for Shopper Approved Review." This action is automatically created by Shopper Approved when the first customer data is sent over. If you don't see that action from the dropdown, you can create your own - just make sure it is spelled precisely as is written above:

After clicking "Done" in the bottom-left, you are now able to add new SMS or email messages into your flow, as well as any other triggers, time delays, conditions, or anything else Klaviyo offers. For this demo, we'll simply add a new SMS message so we can look at the data Shopper Approved provides.

Select and drag "SMS" from the actions on the left side of the screen to your flow, then select "Configure Content:"

You will now be prompted to customize your SMS message. To see what data is available to use from Shopper Approved (including the review link), click on the info icon under the "Eligible for Shopper Approved Review" on the right:

You will notice the data is in JSON format. You can use the data in the message if you would like. For this demo, I'll be using the "survey_link" in my SMS message.

To access the data from the Shopper Approved review event opened in the previous step, you can add: {{ event.[DATANAME] }}.

For example, I want to send the "survey_link" to the customer:

Notice that the example message automatically pulls in the data once I request it correctly in the text editor.

You can use this format to access the other pieces of data, such as the order_id.

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