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Attentive - How to Add Subscribers
Attentive - How to Add Subscribers

This article will walk you through how to add subscribers to your Attentive account to trigger Journeys and Segments for Shopper Approved.

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Note: Shopper Approved SMS journeys will only be sent to customers that have both an email and a phone number listed in Attentive.

Here are some resources from Attentive on adding subscribers:

App creation:

If you need to manually add subscribers that have both an email address and a phone number, the first step is to get an API key. You do this by creating an app in your Attentive account.

  1. Login to your Attentive account and choose ‘App Marketplace’ from the left-hand menu. Click the “Create App” button.

  2. Name the App “API” and give the subscribers permission to write as in the screenshot below:

  3. Once the app is created, you’ll get an API key. Save that API key in your system somewhere as you will need it in the future. (If you misplace the key, you can regenerate a new one):

Add a subscriber to your Attentive account:

To manually add subscribers that have both an email address and phone number, you’ll need to use or another API platform for building and using APIs.

  1. To use postman, go to this link and sign in.

  2. Click on Workspaces in the sidebar, and then choose “My Workspace”.

  3. Click the + button to add a new collection, and name it “Attentive”.

  4. In the drop-down for your new “Attentive” collection, choose “Add Request”.

  5. Change the Dropdown from “Get” to “Post”, and enter the link:

  6. Under the “Authorization” tab, choose “Bearer Token” and enter your API key from the “App Creation” section of this document.

  7. Add the content type in the header like in the image below:

  8. Next you need to get the info for the signUpSourceId field. Go back to your Attentive dashboard, click on “Sign-Up Units” in the left-hand menu, and copy the ID from the Marketing API sign-up unit:

  9. Now make the API body like this, using the email and phone number of your subscriber and the signUpSourceId from the step above. Note: You will need to include country code in order for the number to be valid. For example, include a “1” in front of the phone number for a US number.


    "user": {

    "email": "[email protected]",

    "phone": "+12343521343"


    "signUpSourceId": "438555",

    "subscriptionType": "MARKETING"


  10. Hit send. If you see a 202 status response, that means the subscriber has been successfully added to your Attentive account:

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