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Zapier - Connecting to Shopper Approved
Zapier - Connecting to Shopper Approved

Here is an article that goes over how you can connect your Zapier account to Shopper Approved

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Connecting Shopper Approved and Zapier is done within your Zapier dashboard during the Zap creation process. You can get there by logging in directly at, or from your Shopper Approved account.

To log in from your Shopper Approved dashboard, go to the App Marketplace under Review Tools:

Click ‘Get Started’ on the Zapier App:

If you are not already signed into your Zapier account, you will see this screen:

If you do not yet have a Zapier account, signing up is free!

Once you are logged into your Zapier account, you connect to Shopper Approved by creating a new Zap. Click the “Create Zap” button:

Click to choose a trigger:

Search for Shopper Approved, and pick the App with the Shopper Approved star logo:

There are 3 Shopper Approved triggers. Choose which one you’d like to use for your Zap:

Save the trigger. You will then be able to choose which Shopper Approved account you’d like connected to your Zap (once you enter the information once, it will be saved in your Zapier account for future use.)

You will be taken to a page like this:

While signed into your Shopper Approved account, you can get this needed info at this link:

Enter the Site ID and API Token into the Zapier box, and click the “Yes, Continue to Shopper Approved” button. If successful, your Shopper Approved Account will now show up in your Zapier Dashboard. Click Continue:

Proceed with testing your trigger:

(Please note you must have existing reviews in your account for the test to be successful. You can also skip the test and just use the test review information the App will provide.)

You can also start your Zaps right from the Shopper Approved Integrations page on

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