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Zapier - Creating a Zap
Zapier - Creating a Zap

Here is an example of a way that you can create a Zap in Zapier using a Shopper Approved trigger

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There are 3 Shopper Approved- specific triggers:

  • Received Seller Rating

  • Received Product Review

  • Received Review with Media

You can use the triggers to alert other 3rd party apps that a review has been received.

Next, choose the App you’d like to connect with, and then choose an action just like you would for any other Zap.

Click one of the “Create” buttons to create a new Zap:

Click Trigger:

In the search bar, type “Shopper Approved” and choose our Shopper Approved app:

Choose which of the 3 triggers you want to use for your Zap:

*Note: You can create duplicate Zaps using the same exact Zap action using different Shopper Approved event triggers, however, we highly recommend only having one active at a time. The reason is because if you have Product reviews, you will usually get a new Seller Rating with every new Product Review, resulting in multiple alerts for the same order. Decide which event you’d like to track the most, or track them in different channels to avoid confusion.

Choose your Action

What do you want to happen with the information that a new review has been received? Choose the App you’d like to connect to one of the Shopper Approved review notification triggers:

Once an App is chosen, you’ll see a list of available actions for that App. Pick which one you’d like, test the trigger, and click Publish.

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