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Loyalty Lion - Integration Overview
Loyalty Lion - Integration Overview

This article will go over how to set up your Loyalty Lion account with Shopper Approved.

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Setting up Loyalty Lion with Shopper Approved is a good way to reward your customers for actions they take: like leaving a product review, uploading a photo with their review, and completing a video review.

Step One: Set up the API Keys

You'll first need to add your Loyalty Lion API keys into Shopper Approved. In Loyalty Lion, you can click on "Manage," then "Settings" under "Configuration," then scroll down to find your API keys. You'll need both a public key and a private key. Generally, we recommend creating a new private API key for Shopper Approved.

Once you have the API keys, you can put them into the Shopper Approved dashboard by clicking All Services > App Marketplace > Get Started With Loyalty Lion:

Step Two: Set up the Rules

Next, you can set up a specific rule in Loyalty Lion, along with the point values associated with it, that are triggered by various Shopper Approved events. To create a new rule in Loyalty Lion, you can click on "Manage," then "Create new rule" under "Activity Rules." You'll create a "Custom Rule," then you can put in one of several Shopper Approved events into the trigger field for the points:

  • shopper_approved_video_review_completed

  • shopper_approved_user_generated_image_uploaded

  • shopper_approved_product_review_completed

That's it! Once you have that set up, Shopper Approved will automatically send those events for your customers, which will trigger in Loyalty Lion to provide the desired point values for those events.

If you run into any questions or have any issues, please reach out to [email protected].

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