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What About My Negative Reviews?
What About My Negative Reviews?

Understand and manage any negative reviews that are left for your company.

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If you have an outstanding company, most of the time you are going to have outstanding reviews, but occasionally, you are going to receive negative reviews that address some concerns your customers may have. The questions you may ask yourself are "What can you do about that review?" or "How will this negative review affect me?"

The first thing that I can tell you, is to look at a lower star rating, or negative review, from a different angle. Consider what some would call a "bad" review, an opportunity.

Have you ever had someone ask you to "prove" something, but didn't know how? This is your chance to show current and future customers proof of how you handle undesired situations.

Some truths that we have found after years of studies are:

#1 - Shoppers Expect Variance
When customers are looking to buy something, they actually expect to see some variance in the ratings. If all the ratings are perfect, then they become suspicious, and start to question if the ratings are legitimate.

In reality, the occasional negative review adds value by establishing authenticity with the buyer. They also help customer's affirm that they've vetted any concerns before making a decision.

#2 - Negative Reviews Help To Discover Opportunities For Your Business
People provide negative reviews because they encounter some type of problem during their transaction. Receiving negative reviews gives you the ability to discover and resolve potentially larger problems or issues that other customers might also be experiencing, thus improving your business and overall customer satisfaction. Please reference this article:

#3 - Low Scores, Or Negative Reviews Can Create Promoters
They say that a happy customer might tell some people about their experience; but a disgruntled customer will tell everyone. However, in most cases, by helping to resolve your customer's concerns, you can turn them into loyal clients for life!

One of the great things about Shopper Approved, is that you have the unique ability to open up a private dispute resolution with any customer that gives you an undesired rating. 

Once you resolve their issues, your customer has the option to update their ratings and review for your company. 

What if the customer won't update their ratings and review or hasn't responded to me? 

If a customer refuses to budge on their ratings and review, or is unreachable, you have the ability to post a public comment. This allows you to tell your side of the story to the world, or better explain the issue at hand. In addition, Shopper Approved will also post a public comment verifying that you attempted to resolve the issue, giving your comment added credibility.

This goes to show, that every negative review that you get, can become more positive; and a more powerful tool, for your credibility, than 100 positive reviews. 

We encourage you to see all reviews as an opportunity to show the world, not only that your customers like and trust you but also, that you are Shopper Approved!

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