To contact your customer:

Go to the All Services ----> Manage Seller Ratings  

Next to each review on the right hand side of the page is the 'Customer Care System' link.  Click on the 'Customer Care System' link and you will be taken to a window with a drop down menu.  

From this menu, you will select 'Contact the Customer' and it will open  a window that looks like this:

From here, you have the opportunity to address the specific issue of your customer, and try to resolve their issue. 

Submit a response and click on the ‘Submit Response’ button below if this customer has an issue that you would like to resolve such as:

  • Your customer has a problem with their order, or did not understand the details of their order.

  • Part of their review is inaccurate and you would like them to update their review.

  • There was a mix up and you want to help resolve it.

NOTE: If the issue is resolved, the customer will be given an opportunity to update their original rating and review. If the customer doesn’t respond, we will post a message on your behalf under the review stating that you made an attempt to help them but they didn’t respond. You also have the option of making a public comment by selecting the "Make a Public Comment" from the Customer Care System options.

  • Customer will be able to respond, and their message will display in green in this same window. You will receive an email notification and it will redirect you to this section in  your dashboard. 

  • If the customer feels the issues has been resolved, they will be able to select "yes," and a link will appear that allows them to update their review.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact We are happy to assist! 

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