What are they?

Your surveys are the core to how you collect your reviews. Without your surveys, you are not able to prompt a way for your customers to leave a review about the experience they had or products they purchased.

There are two different types of surveys that Shopper Approved offers to give you a way to collect both merchant and product reviews: the initial survey and full survey. 

Note: If you are a service-based company and do not utilize the product review feature, the product portion of the survey would not apply to you. 

Initial Survey

The initial survey is what pops up on your thank you page so that any customer who passes through your shopping cart will have a chance to review their online experience they had with your company. This survey is what captures the merchant review. 

The initial survey is generated through your thank you page code that is located in your dashboard under All Services > Survey Options > Survey code.

Once this code is added to your site, you will want to make sure you test it to make sure that it is working properly. 

Additional features for the initial survey would be to make comments mandatory and email all. 

  • Making comments mandatory is exactly what it sounds like. Each customer that fills out an initial survey cannot submit unless they have left a comment. The reason for this feature would be to help increase the number of review you have that syndicate to Google to show stars in your ads. 

  • Email all is the feature that makes it so that any of your customer who complete an Initial survey will not have to opt in for a follow up email that includes the full survey. This feature will also make it so that anyone who goes through your checkout out page and bypasses the Initial survey will receive a follow up email as well. With this feature you must ensure that you have the email addresses of your customers auto-populated, and that you have posted privacy policy notifies your customers that you may share their email addresses with a third party.

NOTE - For auto-populating your values, any selections you make in this area will add the variables necessary but include placeholder values. You will need a programmer to populate these values with the actual values for the customer.

Full Survey

The full survey is the survey that your customers receive in the follow up email that is sent to them after the number of days you have set in your dashboard.  This survey is where your customers can leave a final review on the service or product they received. There are additional questions that are provided to your customers for them to complete and help you as a company better understand how to sustain or improve your business. 

The full survey can be for both Merchant and Product Reviews. Product surveys would be for companies that sell products and have additional questions that asks about overall shipping/delivery satisfaction. Merchant surveys would be for companies that sell services and have all the same questions that are required for companies that sell products, except the shipping/delivery satisfaction question. 

Your full survey will be set to send to your customer in a follow up email. The number of days and email template that your survey is sent in is under the survey options tab. You will want to be sure to set the appropriate number of days for follow up. If your service or products are more unique or take different amounts of time per customer, you can reach out to Shopper Approved and we will happily go over more manual ways of sending out that email.

The "customize your followup email" has a default template and we do not recommend making changes to. This email has been exhaustively tested and any changes could impact your delivery. We currently have a 93% delivery rate, 70-73% open rate, and 40-45% click-through rate. While we understand the desire to make improvements, this email helps us collect over 1 million reviews a month and we do not recommend making any changes. If it is important to you to change the email format, please expect that your conversion will be greatly impacted but we won't know what it is until you make the change.

Viewing Your Surveys

To view how your initial and full survey are displayed, you can generate your surveys through your dashboard. At the very bottom of your survey options tab, you will see hyperlinks where you can you can view your initial and full survey. 

Survey Questions

Both the initial and full surveys will have questions that your customers have the chance to rate or answer. Some questions are required and cannot be removed being that they are required by Google, and others you have the chance to remove.


  • How would you rate your overall shopping experience so far? (Initial)

  • How would you rate your overall shopping experience? (Full)

  • Please type a quick message about your shopping experience so far. (Initial)

It is important to know that these questions can be altered to tailor more towards you line of business. However, these questions cannot be fully removed. 

Not required:

  • How likely are you to recommend our site to others? (Initial)

  • How likely are you to buy from us again if you ever need a similar product/service? (Initial)

  • How satisfied were you with the overall price that you paid? (Full)

  • How satisfied were you with the products/services that you received? (Full)

  • How satisfied were you with the order delivery time? (Full)

Any of these questions can be altered just like the required questions, and you do not want to display them, you can deactivate them through your dashboard. You can include all the default questions and also add more if you wish; however, we do see more success from surveys that are left, simple, short, and to the point. 

What if I need to change the wording of my questions?

At this time we do not allow the wording of your survey questions to be changed on your end. If you ever need to change the wording of a question, you can reach out to our support team at support@shopperapproved.com and we will be happy to make those changes for you. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any other questions or need any more assistance with your survey questions. 

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