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How do I add the survey code to my site?
How do I add the survey code to my site?

Adding Shopper Approved survey code to your site

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How to: 

The merchant survey code drives the Thank You/Confirmation page survey. Within Shopper Approved, it's often referred to as the “initial survey.” The code will need to be placed on the Thank You/Confirmation page of your checkout/ordering process. The code will be provided to you within your Shopper Approved dashboard from the top left menu, under Setup and click on Seller Ratings.

If you are not familiar with your site's backend, we highly recommend contacting your webmaster, programmer, or shopping cart company for the specifics on your unique website. From there, either they can add the code for you, or they can provide you with more detailed directions. 

Shopper Approved also offers an integration to you. With this service, Shopper Approved owns the whole integration from beginning to end. There is a one-time payment for this integration, and you'll work with an Onboarding Specialist on our team.

If you do not have a programmer, you can also reach out to sites such as to find a freelance programmer who can set the coding up for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a reference or have any questions regarding the basic setup.

What this service does: 

The initial survey is the first contact Shopper Approved has with your customers. In the initial survey, customers are asked simple questions regarding their experience while shopping on your site. 

This is the most effective method for review collection, as your customers are only prompted to answer a few questions.

FAQ about this service: 

How do I test that the survey is working?
To test the functionality of the survey, you will want to place an order on your site as a customer would. If the survey is functioning properly, you will be presented with the survey after you place your order on the confirmation page. If you do not receive the survey at the end of the checkout process, reach out to our support team for additional information. 

Troubleshooting the service: 

If you run into any issues with your code after implementation reach out to [email protected] or call 888-951-7467 and our amazing support team will help troubleshoot this with you!

For liability purposes, Shopper Approved cannot access your site to add the code. However, we do provide support and troubleshooting after the code has been implemented.

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