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How do I pre-populate the customer's name and email into the checkout (initial) survey?
How do I pre-populate the customer's name and email into the checkout (initial) survey?

Auto populating customer information into the checkout (initial) survey

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What this service does: 

Pre-populating a customer's name and email address into the checkout (initial) survey makes it easier for customers to leave ratings and reviews, while lowering the number of anonymous ratings.

This option is available in your Shopper Approved account. To implement this option, click on the menu icon in the top left corner > Setup> Seller Ratings. Scroll to the middle section "Auto Populate Values."

When making changes to the "Auto Populating Values" section of your dashboard, snippets of code are added to your survey code. Once you have added the auto-population, you will need to re-implement the code on your site.

*Please note: Your programmer or tech will need to insert the 'name' and 'email' variables into the 'John Doe', '[email protected]' placeholders for the code to pull the proper data.

FAQ about this service: 

How do I find the values for the customer information? 

Each platform is different and we do not have a specific variable for each platform. A developer who is familiar with your platform and your site will be able to locate this information. 

Troubleshooting the service: 

If auto-populating is done correctly, no issues should arise. If the system is capturing an incorrect value, reach out to the Shopper Approved support team and they can help you with a test order. 

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