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How to Add or Remove a Staff Account
How to Add or Remove a Staff Account

This article will show you how to add or remove a staff account within Shopper Approved.

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Types of Accounts

There are three types of Staff Accounts within Shopper Approved.


A Developer role has access to all the code needed to integrate Shopper Approved on your site. This would be most beneficial for clients who choose to own their integration.

Review Manager:

This staff account is best for someone good at customer service. They will have access to the tools Shopper Approved provides to manage the reviews you’ve collected.


An Admin on your account can oversee everything within the account and be able to add users, but they are not able to remove them. The Main Account Holder is the only role that can remove users.

How to Add a Staff Account

An Admin can add a staff account by logging in and selecting their name in the top right-hand corner, then selecting Settings. You will need the employee’s name, the email address they will use to access the account, and the account type.

The employee will receive an email to create their password. Once they do so, they will have the access that was granted.

How to Remove a Staff Account

Once an employee sets up their staff account, they will appear under Current Staff Accounts within the Users section in the Admin’s account. From there, a Main Account Holder can select the Remove Staff Member option next to their name. When they do so, there is a dialog box to confirm the deletion.


If you experience an error or your team is unable to access their staff account please reach out to [email protected], we are happy to assist.

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