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Creating SMS Automations in Postscript
Creating SMS Automations in Postscript

This article will go over the steps you will take in order to create SMS automations for Shopper Approved functionality within Postscript

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Create SMS Automations

The following Shopper Approved triggers are available to use for creating text message automations:

  • initial_review (initial seller survey has been filled out)

  • product_review (A customer has submitted the product survey portion of the follow-up survey)

  • 4_and_5_star_positive_review (full survey has been filled out with an overall rating of 4 or 5 stars)

  • 3_star_neutral_review (full survey has been filled out with an overall rating of 3 stars)

  • 1_and_2_star_critical_review (full survey has been filled out with an overall rating of 1 or 2 stars)

  • video_review (customer has left a video review)

  • photo_review (customer has left a product review containing a photo)

In your Postscript dashboard, click on Automations on the left-hand menu and click “Create Automation Flow”:

Choose “Create a new automation”:

Choose one of the Shopper Approved triggers from the drop-down:

For this example, we’ll choose initial_review. This means the SMS automation will begin once a seller initial review has been left:

Click “Send a message” and drag it under your trigger. Please note, you would likely also want to add a delay as, without adding a delay, the message to leave a follow-up review would be sent immediately after a customer has left their initial review.

Customize your message however you’d like:

Click the “Merge tags” icon to add dynamic properties to your message, such as the customer’s unique review link (rateurl):

Once your message is the way you’d like it, be sure to Save it. Then click the Purple “Schedule or Activate” button:

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