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Shopper Approved has partnered with Walmart so you can now syndicate your product reviews collected by Shopper Approved to your Walmart listings. This will allow you to be able to utilize Shopper Approved product reviews in order to boost sales on the Walmart marketplace.

In order to take advantage of this feature, there are a couple of requirements that must be met:

  1. You must actively be collecting product reviews through Shopper Approved.

  2. You must have a Walmart Marketplace account. This would be an account that your company controls and lists products through, rather than only having your products on Walmart through resellers. If you do not have a Walmart Marketplace account and are interested in getting more information on setting up an account, please see here.
    You can also fill out this form to have a member of the Walmart team reach out to set up a demo:

  3. The products that you wish to syndicate must have a valid GTIN. This GTIN must be included in your Shopper Approved product feed as well as with Walmart. Walmart will use this GTIN to match the reviews collected by Shopper Approved with the products on their marketplace.

Once you have met those requirements, you can go into your app marketplace within the Shopper Approved dashboard and select "Get Started" on the Walmart option.

In the Walmart options, you will need to input your Walmart Seller ID into the form field and save the settings:

Your Walmart Seller ID should be available to you within your Walmart Marketplace account.

After saving those settings, your account will be included in our syndicated reviews to Walmart. From this point, it will take 1-2 weeks for the reviews to be processed before being displaying on

After the reviews have been processed, you will be able to go to your listings on and see the Shopper Approved reviews. The way that you will be able to tell that reviews have been syndicated properly is by the tag line at the bottom of the review that states "Written by a customer" signifying the review was not collected by Walmart:

After you confirm that the reviews are showing up properly, everything should be up and running! New product reviews should continue to syndicate to Walmart and there is nothing else that your team will need to do.

Please note: does have different review standards than Shopper Approved, so you may see review counts that differ between Shopper Approved and

If you notice any issues or that product reviews are not being syndicated, please reach out to [email protected]. Our support team will help troubleshoot the issue for you and reach out to to get your reviews syndicating properly.

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