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Review Destinations Syndication Protection
Review Destinations Syndication Protection

This article covers Review Destinations protection.

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What is Review Destinations?

Review Destinations is an amazing product from Shopper Approved. It lets your customer leave a review for you on many other review platforms. It can be set up to take certain percentages of your customers to platforms such as Trustpilot, BBB, Facebook, and more so that they can “spread the love” across a wider part of the internet and boost your global online presence.

What is Review Syndication Protection?

Review Syndication is a great new product that goes hand in hand with Review Destinations. It is designed to help you get your account over the finish line of the necessary requirements for Google syndication and also to help keep you there!

Google requirements for Merchant Review syndication are:

  • 100 reviews with strong comments within the last 24 months

  • They must all be from the same country.

  • They must have an average of 3.5 stars.

Google requirements for Product Review syndication are:

  • 50 overall product reviews

  • Reviews should not contain mention of shipping or delivery

When gathering reviews, it is a great idea to get reviews going on multiple platforms and spread the word. Sometimes, however, the reviews can get spread too thin and you can run the risk of Shopper Approved not being able to gather enough reviews to meet Google’s requirements to populate star ratings in Text Adds and Product Listing Ads. This also helps so you do not fall below the threshold of maintaining the requirements as well.

How does it work?

RSP (Review Syndication Protection) actively monitors your reviews and checks if you are above or below the threshold for Google’s requirements. If it finds that you have not yet met the requirements, or have fallen below the line, it will freeze any redirection of review requests by Review Destinations.

Once the system detects that your review count has met the requirements, it will resume Review Destinations operations.

How do we use it?

Once you have decided that the RSP tool is right for you, your account representative can turn the system on.

When you go to the Review Destinations page, you will see a new box for Review Syndication Protection. It will look like this:

Once you have your RD setting as you like them, you can then turn on the RSP system by clicking the “Activate” button. It will ask you to confirm.

Now you have it up and working.

You will notice that there is a section on the page that shows the Google requirements and where you are currently at. The RSP system frequently and consistently runs scans to monitor your reviews and make sure you are within the requirements. As long as you are within Google’s requirements, the system will allow Review Destinations to redirect the review traffic as you have set up. Once the system detects that you are not within the requirements, it will pause the system until you are within Google’s requirement threshold.

How can it benefit you?

Review Syndication Protection is a great tool to go hand in hand with Review Destinations. It can help you minimize the risk of dropping below the Syndication Threshold and it will help you to maximize your timing for getting the ball rolling with the benefits of Review Destinations.

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