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This article goes over product listings and their reviews in Google Shopping.

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What it should look like

The Shopping overview is the section that you are taken to immediately after clicking the Shopping link in a Google search. If everything is working correctly you should see stars like this.

If a product has multiple sellers in Google Shopping, you will be able to see each of the different sellers by clicking on the product listing in the Shopping Overview section. If your seller rating is working correctly, you should see a seller rating.

How to test

To test whether reviews are being syndicated properly, match the latest reviews from our system with the latest reviews showing on the product in Google Shopping.

  • Go to view all reviews in the product listing on Google Shopping

  • Sort by date so that you can see the latest reviews

  • Make sure the latest reviews in shopping match the dashboard.


If a product isn’t showing reviews in Google Shopping, there are a couple of things you should check so that you know where the problem is.

In the dashboard, under the top left menu > Manage Product Reviews > Product List,” sort the products by # of Reviews so that you can count them by hand. There should be 50 total product reviews before stars will appear in Shopping.

In this area, you can also check the product attributes to make sure they match what is in your Google merchant center.

If the product attributes don’t match between our system and Google, the product feed being sent to us will need to be adjusted so that it contains the correct information. If your platform uses a different ID than what you pass to Google, we can import the platform ID into the cart ID field within our system. Our system will then pass Google the ID that you are passing them and use the ID from your platform to actually collect the reviews.

If the product attributes are already matching and it has been longer than 4-6 weeks since you reached the minimum threshold, we can reach out to our product rating contact at Google to see if there might be an issue somewhere on their side.

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