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Shopper Approved "About Us" Template
Shopper Approved "About Us" Template

This article will explain the value of filling out the About Us section as well as a checklist of things to include.

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Here’s how to write search-optimized, unique content about your company and products that will improve your Certificate online search results, traffic, and conversions.

Please complete as many of the questions below as you can, using as much unique copy (not already on your website) as possible. Use as many words as you need to describe your company, what you do, the products and brands you sell, what makes you unique or special, who you serve, and why.

Also, think about featured snippet search results, and how you would write copy to address the common search term “is _____ legit”. This is usually a question people have about a website or a company they have never purchased from.

An example of a 40-60 word paragraph written for the featured snippet to answer this question, plus describe your brand and stand out may sound something like this:

  • “ was started in 2012 by Arnold Smith in Colorado as an authorized reseller for DAIWA and UGLY STIK, providing a large variety of high-quality fishing gear for discerning outdoorsmen. Since then, we have achieved an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, a 4.6-star rating with over 1,200 reviews, and host the podcast “Go-Fish.”

From here, you can discuss more about your company, products, value, and who you serve and why.

The About Us content can be up to 1400 words. Try to answer as many of the following questions as possible:

  • Year and location founded

  • What country, state or territory, and city are you headquartered in

  • Name(s) of Founder

  • Why was your company created

  • Who is your company or products designed to serve

  • What do you specialize in

  • What is the company's vision or mission

  • What are the top 3 most unique or valuable things about your company that shoppers need to know

  • Describe your unique value proposition. A powerful value proposition is a clear and concise statement that describes the specific problems you solve, and the outcomes an individual, organization or person can realize from using your product, service or solution (approximately 50 words). The secret here is to get your certificate to optimize for the specific solution you offer or the problem you solve.

  • Describe or summarize what your customers love about doing business with you, and specifically why they give you such great reviews and ratings. This should be guided by the reviews themselves, but not copied or duplicated. For example, you may say “Customers of ABC company give us so many great ratings and reviews because…” (approximately 150 words). The secret here is to associate your company name with the word “reviews” to help your certificate optimize for this search term.

  • What do your customers care about most, and how do you solve this need

  • What are the product categories that you sell

  • In 20 to 50 words, describe each product category

  • Explain the top 5 selling products or services on your site

  • Mention the top 5 brands that you offer (if you are a reseller)

  • What is the one thing about your company that you are the proudest of

  • What unique experiences, capabilities, expertise, certification, licenses, degrees, etc. do you possess that make you a product, category, or industry expert:

  • If you are a manufacturer, please briefly describe your manufacturing and/or assembly, and/or quality assurance and/or R&D process, and/or raw materials or ingredients that add value, quality, durability, efficacy, or uniqueness, and sets you apart from your competitors

  • Write a brief bio about the founder (40-60 words)

Below is an example of a featured snippet powered by the Shopper Approved About Us copy:


Please see here for more information on how to find the About Us section in your Shopper Approved dashboard:

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