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How to submit a review to Shopper Approved for potential removal
How to submit a review to Shopper Approved for potential removal

This article explains how to submit a review to Shopper Approved for potential removal.

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Here at Shopper Approved, we are a Google preferred partner, to remain in good standing with Google, review partners are not allowed to let merchants delete reviews directly. We have options to delete reviews, but all requests must be submitted to Shopper Approved for review and ensure they meet specific criteria.

Shopper Approved creates transparency and trust in the review collection process by displaying user-generated content as submitted by the user. All reviews are public and weighted equally on the client’s website and on the Shopper Approved Certificate page.

Where to submit these reviews for removal and what qualifies for removal is outlined below.

How to submit a review to Shopper Approved

In the Shopper Approved dashboard, locate the review you would like to take action on and click the Review Actions button on the right side of the review. From there, select "Submit to Shopper Approved for Review" from the drop-down menu.

Reviews should only be removed for meeting one or more of the criteria below, but should keep in mind that a reviewer is allowed to express their opinion. If a review’s context expresses the opinion of the reviewer and does not meet one or more of the criteria for removal, the review will not be removed.

What qualifies for removal?

Merchant Reviews

  • Vulgar language

  • Proprietary information

  • Personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, discount codes, etc.

  • Inaccuracies about your website or products/services (Shopper Approved may need to verify this information)

  • A canceled transaction

  • Not related to the shopping experience (If the review is more about the product than the actual seller, we can move the review to the product review if you are also collecting product reviews.)

Product Reviews

  • Not related to the product (If the review is more about the merchant than the actual product, instead of being removed completely it will be moved over to the merchant reviews.)

  • Inaccuracies about your products/services

  • A review contains comments that are not endorsed by the FDA

  • Claims about your product

  • A canceled transaction


  • Proprietary Information: Proprietary information can be a discount code ("Use coupon code SAMPLE"). It can also be information about a competitor. ("I got this cheaper at").

  • Personal Information: Customers may feel like our platform is a good way to reach out to your company for questions or concerns. ("Please call me at 801-555-1234 to discuss my bill.").

  • Inaccuracies about your website or products/services: Customers may share inaccurate information in their reviews. ("Was charged for shipping when I was told it would be free!") The best way to combat these inaccuracies is to provide us with screenshots to disprove the customer's comment. If it is appropriate, we will remove the review.

  • Not related to the product: "The box came damaged, unhappy with the service"

  • Claims about the product: "Cures cancer", "Guaranteed to lose weight" such as claims that are not endorsed by the FDA.

Please use the comment box to add details as to why the review qualifies for removal. If applicable, please attach a screenshot to back up the statement (copy of invoice, etc). Once completed click on "Submit to Shopper Approved" towards the bottom of the menu.

Please see here for what is considered "Inappropriate Content" from Google:

Our dedicated support team will review the request and you'll receive an update within 48-72 hours notifying you of the action that was taken. We base these decisions on Google's guidelines. Please read this Google Help article for more details.

If you need immediate assistance with the removal of a review or have questions please contact our dedicated support team at [email protected]. If you're in onboarding, please contact your dedicated onboarding specialist for further assistance.

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