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How to turn on and manage your NPS Survey

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A “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) is a score that lets a company know their customer’s overall experience with their brand. It’s measured on a scale of -100 to +100. (Anything over 0 is good, 20 is a favorable score, 50 is excellent, and over 80 is considered “world-class”).

You can access the Net Promotor Score (NPS) feature in your Shopper Approved dashboard by navigating to All Services> Conversion Tool Box> Net Promotor Score.

From there, you can see your overall NPS rating on the Summary tab. This overall score is calculated by taking the percentage of customer surveys with a score of 9-10 (called promoters), and subtracting the percentage of customer surveys with a score of 0 to 6, (called detractors). Scores of 7-8 aren’t included in the score as they are considered passive scores.

The questions asked are:

  • How likely are you to recommend (company) to a friend or colleague?

  • What is the most important reason for your score?

The score left by each customer is measured on a scale of -100 to +100. (Your "lifetime NPS score" is shown on the "Summary" tab):

-100 to -50 = bad, red -50 to +50 = ok, or yellow, +50 to +100 = great or green

On the "Feedback" tab, you can view individual scores, filter by the score your customers have left, and read through customer feedback:

On the "Survey Link" tab, you can find the link to send to your customers. (Please be advised that customers who receive this link may only take the survey up to 3 times from the same IP address):

On the "Survey Settings" tab, you can make some changes to the wording of the survey, (though it is recommended that not much is changed here):

Here is our API documentation:

Here is a video tour:

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