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Klaviyo - Getting Your API Keys
Klaviyo - Getting Your API Keys
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Before you can start using Shopper Approved's review data in Klaviyo, you will need to set up your Klaviyo API keys on your Shopper Approved account. To do so, log into your Klaviyo account. Then, click your name on the top-right and select "Account" from the dropdown.

When on the account page, you will see a navigation bar towards the top-right of the screen. Click on "Settings," then select "API Keys" from the dropdown.

Once on the API Keys page, there are two keys you will need: your public API key, and a private API key. Klaviyo lets you create private API keys for integrating external data, so you can create a new key specific to Shopper Approved.

Once you have your public key and a private key from Klaviyo, you can insert those into your Shopper Approved dashboard under the Klaviyo integration to start sending the review data to your Klaviyo account. You can find the Klaviyo integration under All Services > App Marketplace.

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