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How do I add an order ID next to my reviews?
How do I add an order ID next to my reviews?

Adding order IDs to your reviews

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This gives you the ability to add an order ID next to every rating in your Shopper Approved control panel, so you can track down an order from a particular customer if necessary.

How to

This option is available in your Shopper Approved dashboard to implement by going to (top-left menu> Setup > Seller Ratings > Auto populate values towards the middle of the page > Select the desired options (Order ID)).

Once you have selected this, the thank you page code will change for you to copy and place on your order confirmation/checkout page. Notice the auto-populate values are added to the thank you page code as placeholders, but will need to be updated to be the variables on your website.

Please note: Your programmer or tech will need to enter the Order ID variable into the 'ORDER123' placeholder for the code to pull the proper data. Once the new code is generated, you will need to re-implement the code on your site with the additional variables.

FAQ about this service

Will the order ID be included in the review for other customers to see?
No, the order ID is for internal purposes only and is not public-facing.

Troubleshooting the service

If the correct order ID variable is added to the survey the order ID should populate no problem. If this is not happening and you do not know why, reach out to the support team for more information at [email protected].

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