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Exporting reviews from your dashboard
Exporting reviews from your dashboard

This article goes over exporting reviews from your Shopper Approved dashboard.

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Your export file

Shopper Approved wants to make viewing your reviews as easy as possible!   

Your Shopper Approved dashboard offers several different export options for your merchant and product reviews. The reviews export to a spreadsheet, where you can sort, organize, and keep a personal record of the reviews you've collected.

It is important to note that while you are an active Shopper Approved customer, Shopper Approved owns the rights to your reviews. Sharing them with other third-party review syndicators violates the agreement you make when you choose to collect reviews with Shopper Approved. Accounts that do not follow these terms are subject to cancellation. This can also be damaging to your brand. Google sees this as duplicate information content syndicating. This can ultimately flag Google to manually action your domain damaging your review SEO in Google. 

In the event that you choose to leave Shopper Approved, we charge a one-time $197 fee for the transfer of ownership of your reviews to you. A file of all your reviews, both merchant and product, will be given to you. The file only includes reviews you have collected with us. This does not include reviews imported to us by you. This fee is subject to change based on circumstances approved by our team.

Please see link to our terms and conditions for further details.  

Finding your reviews to export

The export reviews file is located in the "Review Tools" section of your navigation menu at the top of your dashboard under "Review Export":

You have several different export options for seller reviews.

To see all reviews and ratings, click on the export file “All individual reviews and ratings. It will not include the custom questions":

This file will export into a spreadsheet, where you can sort and filter the reviews as you would like.

You can see we have an export for custom-only questions if you have added custom questions to your surveys.  

To export your product reviews, you will change this drop-down menu to "Product Ratings and Reviews":

You can also select a date range here if that would help simplify and filter your export.

In the Manage Seller Ratings and Manage Product Ratings tabs, you can also customize your export of reviews by using the filter to the right of the screen. Once the appropriate filter is selected, you can add the date range you are looking for, and export:

More information

The files provided to you in your dashboard do not contain certain values or email addresses required to import reviews to another review syndicate. To obtain this file you will need to reach out to [email protected].

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