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Importing Reviews
Importing reviews from another service
Importing reviews from another service
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When to import reviews

We usually import reviews when you are either using our service for the first time or switching back to us from a different review platform. We import reviews so that you don’t lose out on any reviews that you have already collected and to give you a jumpstart. As long as the reviews are from another third-party review management service such as Yotpo, TrustPilot, Power Reviews, Reseller Ratings, etc., and you have ownership of the reviews, we can import these reviews to our system.

What we need in order to import your reviews

The most important prerequisite to importing reviews is the Content Licensing Agreement, hereto referred to as the CLA. By signing the CLA, you are stating that we have permission to host your reviews, you have ownership of the reviews, and it also releases us from liability if any conflicts happen due to us using your previous reviews. We absolutely cannot import reviews without first having the CLA signed for liability reasons. 

The other thing we need is the review file in the proper format. We are not allowed to alter the file before importing it, so if any changes to the file are needed we will reach back out to you and let you know what will need to be changed. After you have made the necessary changes, you can resend us the file and we can upload it for you.

Import file requirements

In order to import product reviews, the file must contain the following:

  • review date (in the format of MM/DD/YYYY)

  • product rating (on a scale of 1-5)

  • review comment

  • customer name

  • product id

  • product name

  • product url

  • product image url

Without a comment, the review will only count in our system and not towards Google. Without a customer name, all reviews will show as “Anonymous Customer” which may cause Google to ignore the reviews. The product url and image url are required by Google in order for them to match the reviews properly, which is why require them as well.

Other fields

Here are some other fields that you might want to include in the file.

  • Review header: This is the review title, usually a short summary that the customer has typed about their review.

  • Public comment: This is a comment that you had left on the review within your previous review platform. 

  • Additional rating fields: This can be things like likelihood to recommend, likelihood to rebuy, satisfaction with customer service, etc.

  • Order number: This is completely optional and is only used so that you can tie the review that was imported back to an order in your system.

  • Customer email address


What to do if you notice issues with the reviews after we have imported them

If you notice any issues, please reach out to with detailed information of the issue that you see. We will look into the issue and either resolve the issue on our side if it is something caused by our system or we will let you know what changes will need to be made to the file so that we can remove and re-import the reviews.

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