Where do I find the Customer Care System? 

Every single review you collect will have its own customer care system bubble. As you can see in the screenshot above, it is located on the right hand side. You will need to click on the customer care system for the review you are wanting to manage.

Utilizing the Customer Care System

Below are some screenshots on how to handle and respond to negative reviews. Anytime you submit a review to Shopper Approved or Contact the Customer, that review will go into private mode for 30 days. It will only appear in your dashboard and be visible to you for those 30 days. This gives you time to resolve any customer issues while that review is in private mode. 

Submit review to Shopper Approved:

In order to submit a review to Shopper Approved for removal, it will need to fall within our guidelines:

  • Vulgar language 
  • Proprietary information 
  • Personal information - email, phone number, etc. 
  • Blatant inaccuracies about your website, or product/services 

You will want to include as much information as possible regarding the reasons for submitting the review, including links to screenshots if possible. Shopper Approved will then look into the submission and determine if we can remove it or not. 

If the review does not fall within our guidelines for removal we suggest you… 

Contact the Customer: 

You can personally reach out to the customer. You will create an email thread through the customer care system. Each time your send a response they will receive a link to update their review. If they update their review it will no longer be in “private mode.” 

If you contact the customer and they do not respond you can… 

Make a Public Comment:

On occasion, you will have customers who do not respond to your email. In this case, we would recommend making a public comment. You can use this feature for both negative and positive reviews. When you make a public comment, the customer will not be notified. You can thank someone for their positive feedback or make a comment stating that you tried reaching out to the customer regarding their issue. These will display on your certificate and put on a good face for future customers. 

In the event you have utilized all of the suggestions above… 

Vetoing reviews: 

This is for extreme circumstances where you have tried all of the other customer care system options, and you would just like to delete the review completely. Vetoes are earned base on how many reviews you collect. You can earn up to 6-12 veto’s a year (12 if you are collecting both product and merchant reviews) 

Vetoes are also in a rolling year. If you use one of your vetoes today, you will not receive that veto back until next year on the same date. 

1 veto - 1-300 reviews

2 vetoes - 301-600 reviews

3 vetoes - 601-1,000 reviews

4 vetoes - 1,001-2,500 reviews

5 vetoes - 2,501-5,000 reviews

6 vetoes - 5,001+ reviews

The maximum number of vetoes you'll receive is 6-12 vetoes/year.

Other options in the Customer Care System: 

Mark Order as Canceled: 

You will want to mark an order as canceled when a customer has canceled their order or if you have to cancel their order due to back orders or it being out of stock. This will stop the follow up from going out to them. You don’t want someone to leave a review on a product they won’t receive. However, you will need to mark the order as canceled before the follow up date. 

Postpone Initial Review: 

On occasion, there are customers who state in their initial feedback that they would prefer to wait until they receive their product or service before leaving a rating or review. This option gives you the ability to manually postpone these types of comments until the customer has completed the full survey.

Only postpone the initial review if the customers comment clearly states (politely or otherwise) that they would prefer to wait before leaving a review. This option will be disabled if you abuse or misuse it. 

Send Followup Now:

If needed, you have the option to send the followup email instead of waiting the amount of days you have your follow up set to. 

Change Followup Date: 

If for some reason you need to change the date of the followup email, you can do that here. A good example would be if you knew shipping was delayed you can go in and change the follow up date to a later time. Again, you want them to have received their product before they receive the follow up and fill out the Full Survey. 


If you have any questions or concerns about how to utilize our Customer Care System, please contact the support team here: support@shopperapproved.com 

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