To begin, please pull up your store in the Shopper Approved Control panel.

1. Step One

Your first step will be to place the Thank you page code from your Shopper Approved control panel. You can get the code here.

Please note the different options that you can select. You will have to select these before copying the code.

After you have done this, you will need to code these three areas to auto-populate from the checkout page using your cart`s variables.

2. Step Two

Copy the "Review Page" code

Then you will need to create a new page (name it reviews) on the account and remove everything on the page and just add the "Review Page" code.

You can get this code here.

3. Step Three

Place the SA seal, which you can get here, see video.

You can pick either the contemporary or legacy seal; it depends on what you would prefer.

You can customize this using the options in the dashboard.

Copy the code and place it wherever you would like it on your site.

Please note: We have found that clients get the best conversion when they place the seal somewhere in the top right of their website.

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