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How to use the product review link

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If you have signed up for Product Review collection, Shopper Approved provides you with the ability to create a product review link that can be embedded in any email or SMS message to request a product review from your customers.

The product review link gives you an alternative way to collect reviews from your clients. If you cannot use the initial survey/follow-up email method, the product survey link will give your customers the chance to leave you both a Product Review and a Full Seller Review.

You can find this link in your Shopper Approved account Setup> Product Integration:

Scroll down until you see this:

To customize the link for your customers, you will want to replace "product_id_one" and "product_id_two" with the correct product IDs of the products they purchased.[]=product_id_one&products[]=product_id_two

To find the product IDs in your account, you can refer to the product feed you provided Shopper Approved, or navigate to Product Reviews> Product List:

Once you are there, you can search for your product in the search menu by either name, product ID, or other options. Once you have found the product you would like, copy the product ID of that particular product.

You can now replace "product_id_one" with the correct product ID you just copied. Below is an example.[]=1234&products[]=4567

Note: You can see there is an option to add two product IDs. If your customer only purchased one product, simply add in the product ID and delete the rest of the text, beginning with the "&" and after.

You can test the link in a web browser to ensure the URL is working as expected. You should see a survey with the correct product to rate.

Here is a step-by-step video:

If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team via the chatbot or [email protected].

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