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Content License Agreement Overview
Content License Agreement Overview
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What is a Content License Agreement?

The CLA is an agreement to license your content to us. Shopper Approved will need a signed copy on file before importing any product reviews.

By signing this document you are stating: 

Product reviews being imported are legitimate, and the Licensed Content will not contain any viruses, malicious code, or other harmful components. It will not contain any third party's personally identifiable information unless approved in writing by Shopper Approved.  

If the Licensed Content is found fraudulent, we will remove them.

We have the authority to import your reviews with the mandatory data fields supplied to Shopper Approved in a CSV file:

Product Reviews:

  • Review Date: contains the date of the review

  • Reviewer Name: contains the name of the reviewer

  • Reviewer State/Province (optional): contains information about the country of the reviewer 

  • Reviewer Country (optional): contains information about the country of the reviewer

  • Product ID: contains the product ID of the product being reviewed 

  • Product URL: contains the product URL on the shopping cart where the product can be purchased and where the product reviews are currently displayed

  • Reviewer Product Rating: contains the overall product rating out of 5, of the reviewer

  • Reviewer Review: contains the written product review of the reviewer

Either party may terminate this agreement immediately upon written notice to the other party. However, this agreement does not include our Terms of Conditions or Cancellation Policies.

Why do we import reviews? 

Why should you import your product reviews to Shopper Approved? 

When switching to Shopper Approved, you won’t lose out on any product reviews you have collected elsewhere. We can import your reviews from third-party companies that do not own the content such as TrustPilot, Yotpo, Reseller Ratings, Kudobuzz, and reviews collected on your own website. 

Please note: we cannot import reviews from companies that own the content such as Google My Business, Yelp,  Facebook, Amazon, etc. 

Importing your product reviews will help kick-start your dashboard so you can view those reviews and see what they look like on your site. This helps with your styling choices. Your imported reviews will also go towards Google’s Requirements of 50 total product reviews with comments in 12 months to see stars in your product listing ads. 

Troubleshooting Imported Reviews 

If you discover any issues with your imported reviews you can reach out to our dedicated support team here: [email protected]

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