Most of our clients use the pop-up option in their account for the initial survey. There are certain situations where that's not an option. If the pop-up survey isn't going to work for you, we have an inline option that you can add into your Thank You page. We highly recommend not having two pop-ups on your checkout page, as this can create a negative customer experience. 

Example of the inline survey:

The code you will need for this is a little different than the regular Thank You page code in your control panel. To implement this option, log in to your Shopper Approved account and go to All Services --> Survey Options. Scroll to the middle section of the page, then select the Inline option and then copy and paste the code to your Thank You page to start collecting ratings and reviews.

FAQ about this service:

Can I have my Google pop-up and the Shopper Approved pop-up?
You can have both if your system allows it. However, we highly recommend not having two pop-ups, as this can create a negative customer experience.

Troubleshooting the service: 

If you have any other questions, you can email us directly at

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