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AnswerBase Q&A - Integration Guide
AnswerBase Q&A - Integration Guide

This is the complete integration guide and best practices for Q&A.

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Please use this guide if you're completing the Q&A integration internally. If you'd rather have Shopper Approved complete the integration for you, we have a dedicated integration/development team to help.

Steps to integrate Q&A:

  1. Connect your Google Search Console (GSC): Connecting your GSC to AnswerBase will provide you with content recommendations based on things potential customers are searching for in Google.

  2. Setup your Subdomain: Creating your subdomain and connecting it to AnswerBase ensures the content you collect grows on a subdomain of your own site helping with branding and SEO.

  3. Add your Sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC): Adding your Q&A sitemap to GSC helps increase the chances of your content being crawled and indexed by Google. This step should be completed after you've set up and connected your subdomain.

  4. Integrate Q&A onto category pages (highly recommended): Allows customers to ask questions on category pages to help them find the right product that fits their needs. If you’re on the AI-enhanced plan, AnswerBase can also provide content recommendations on the category level.

  5. Generate Content from Product Descriptions/Specifications: Add the data-on-page-search-elements parameter to the Q&A widget on your product pages. Once added, AnswerBase will generate content recommendations by crawling the product descriptions/specifications on your website. If you’re on the AI-enhanced plan, AnswerBase can also provide content recommendations by crawling your product descriptions/specifications.

  6. Add the conversion tracking tool to your checkout page: Allows AnswerBase to track how Q&A has been assisting with your conversions. Once added, you can access the reports section in your account to see how many customers interacted with the Q&A widget and made a purchase.

  7. Test the conversion tracking tool: It's recommended to test the conversion tracking tool to ensure all is working as expected.

Here is a full list of the supported parameters for the Q&A widget.

Don't have a Google Search Console account?

You really should, it's free and it makes sure your content is getting indexed and provides you with all the tools you need to get the best SEO performance for your site. Sign up for an account, add your property, and verify you are an owner. Here is an article to help you get started with Google Search Console.


If you need assistance please contact your onboarding specialist. If you're not in onboarding and need additional help, please contact our dedicated support team at [email protected], or by calling (888) 951-7467 and selecting option 3 for support.

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