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Are there safeguards in place to protect people from abusing the system?
Are there safeguards in place to protect people from abusing the system?

How we protect you and your customers from people who could potentially abuse our system

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We take concerns of the legitimacy of reviews very seriously. We log everyone's IP that provides feedback, and we monitor suspicious activity to help ensure our system's integrity.

Shopper Approved's relationship with each of our clients is to provide a service that allows honest and accurate feedback from paying/verified customers. In that scope of our business, we monitor accounts for complaints, use proprietary tools to validate that reviews are legitimate, and offer tools for companies to deal with their negative feedback.

It is important to know that we log all complaints against every company from concerned customers. Shopper Approved provides the highest level of transparency in our field. We do not collect passive reviews from people who have not engaged in a transaction with a company and we verify that reviews are accurate and from legitimate customers.

If there is ever any concern about the legitimacy of someone's site and the reviews they have collected, we highly encourage you to reach out to our support team and notify us of what you see and why you believe the reviews to be false. 

You can contact the support team directly at [email protected] and we will be happy to address your concerns.

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