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Organic stars in merchant search results
Organic stars in merchant search results

This article will go over organic seller stars and how they are displayed on Google.

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What are organic search results?

Organic search results are any results found below paid ads. Organic results are FREE. Merchants don’t have to pay for organic listings. Organic listings are results that are the closest match to what a user typed in their keywords in Google. Whatever the user organically typed from their brain into the search bar, it is Google’s job to match those keywords with relevant web listings.

Shopper Approved provides clients with two organic seller listings, these include the Shopper Approved certificate page and a dedicated review page added to your website.

Please keep in mind that organic stars will only appear on the certificate page listing.

Merchant organic stars 

Everyone who owns an online business wants their company to show up on Google. When you perform an organic search (a method of entering keywords into a search engine to generate desired results), your company will show in a paginated list of search results. Anyone can show up in a Google search, but where you show up is what matters. Organic stars help your company rank high in search results and help promote your company to show on the first page in Google.


You only need 1 review with a comment to qualify for organic stars and reviews to display. When you begin collecting reviews with Shopper Approved we'll host all the reviews you collect on a dedicated certificate page which can show up in organic search results. ( - see the example above.

​How long do organic stars last?

Organic reviews do not expire, once you start collecting reviews with Shopper Approved they will display on the Shopper Approved certificate page that we host for your reviews.

If you have questions about organic stars and search results please contact our dedicated support team at [email protected].

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