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This article goes over the Google Seller Ratings Page and how Shopper Approved interacts with it.

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What is a Google Seller Ratings page?

Also referred to as the SRP page, contains all the Google-qualified full seller reviews you've collected. All full seller reviews collected with Shopper Approved are automatically syndicated to the SRP page in Google to help you meet requirements and receive a seller rating. If you're paying for seller ads in Google, reviews displayed on the SRP page will appear in your paid seller ads once Google requirements are met.

Google Seller Rating Requirements

Typically, Google requires 100 full seller reviews with high-quality comments in the same country within 24 months, rating 3.5 stars and above to receive a seller rating and receive stars in your seller ads. You can read more about Google Seller Rating requirements here.

Note: it can take up to 4-6 weeks from the time you've met Google requirements for stars to appear in seller ads. From there, updates generally take up to 2 weeks.

Best practices to meet Google requirements quickly

  • Mandatory Comments: requires customers to leave a comment when filling out the survey. Mandatory comments help send higher-quality reviews to Google to meet requirements. You can find this setting by going to (Top left menu > Setup > Seller Ratings > Make comments mandatory).

  • Email All: this setting should increase the conversion rate of the number of full seller reviews you receive by sending the follow-up email to every customer who checks out on your site. Please keep in mind there needs to be a statement in your privacy policy that indicates you may share customers' information with third parties for this setting to be turned on. Additionally, our system needs to be grabbing the customer's email address through the checkout page for this setting to work. If Shopper Approved did the integration for you, that step has already been completed. You can locate this setting by going to (top left menu > Setup > Seller Ratings > Send emails to all customers who check out).

  • Review Reminders (including visual review reminders): review reminders should increase the conversion rate for the number of full seller reviews you collect by reminding customers to leave you a full survey review. You can always update these settings by logging into your Shopper Approved account and going to (Top left drop-down menu > Review Tools > Review Reminders).

How to test

The best way to verify that you met Google Seller Ratings requirements to display stars in seller ads is to Check the Shopper Approved dashboard and ensure that you have 100 full seller reviews with high-quality comments in the same country within 24 months, rating 3.5 stars and above. To accomplish this, go to the "Manage Seller Ratings" page and filter for reviews by "full survey date with comments". This will show all the Google-qualified reviews you've collected.

In general, a high-quality comment contains more than two words, does not mention the domain or shipping, and the comment itself is about the merchant, not the product. 


As mentioned above, there are minimum requirements to be met before your stars will start displaying in Google seller ads. (100 reviews in the last 24 months with high-quality comments and are 3.5 stars and above) Once requirements have been met it can take up to 4-6 weeks for stars to initially display in seller ads and can take up to 2 weeks for updates.

After 4-6 weeks have passed, you can check to see if you have a seller ratings page here under “How to check if you have a seller rating.”

How to fix

If you've met Google requirements and are still seeing issues, the next best steps would be to reach out to our dedicated support team at [email protected]. Please attach a screenshot of the issue and attach it to the email you send.

From there, our support team will research on our end to find any issues that may have occurred.

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