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Product and category page code
Product and category page code

This article explains the settings for Product Reviews Code and category pages

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Product Page Code

The product page code is located in your dashboard from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner. Click on the "Product Reviews Code" link under the "Integrate" section.

Here you'll find the different codes you need to outfit your Product Pages with Stars and Product Review Widgets. There is also code to place Stars on the product listings on your Category Pages.​


First, choose the size of Stars you would like displayed on your product pages.
Here is an example of how the typical integration looks.

When you click on the Stars, the page redirects to your product-specific reviews which display in what we call the Product Review Widget.

We have different options that affect how your reviews will display and the Schema on your product pages.

Additional Information to Display

This is where you would select what additional information you would like to have shown on the product page reviews widget.

Review Layout

This setting allows you to show the reviews in either a single column or in a grid of 2 columns.

Text Alignment

This setting is simply if you would like to have the text aligned on the left, right or center.

Date Format is how you would like the date to be displayed. Many different regions display their dates differently. Sometimes it is for aesthetic reasons.

The number of Reviews to Display on the Page Load is going to dictate the number of reviews that will show on each page before it will need to go to the next page.

Minimum Reviews to Display

This is a very important setting. This is the number of reviews that need to be present and shown. If this number is not met, the widget will show "Seller Fallback" reviews instead of product reviews.

Sort Options

Product Review Sort Order lets you pick the default way in which the reviews will be displayed. The user can still select a different order.

Seller Review Fallback Sort Order is the same thing, but for the Seller Fallback reviews if they display instead.

Widget Color

These settings let you dictate if your main site color is light or dark and will adjust the showing of the stars accordingly. The Primary Color setting lets you choose the main color of the elements like stars, the heading, and the graph.


Inject JSON-LD Schema is a setting that lets you decide what information will be in the schema injection if any at all. It can be just the Aggregate rating, Product reviews, or both the ratings and reviews. You can also select to not have schema injected.

URL Format will dictate if the injected URL code for the schema will include a WWW in front

URL Type dictates if the URL will be in a short or long (original) format.

Include a Link to Leave a Review puts a button on the product reviews widget page that lets a customer leave a review about that product without directly purchasing it or going through the post-checkout survey. Note: These reviews will not be considered a "Verified Buyer" and it can be risky to allow reviews that may or may not have come from the buyer. It opens the site up to the possibility of spam reviews.

Category Page Code

You can have product listings on your category or collection pages that also display star ratings.

Here is an example of what stars look like on your Category Page.

Category code does not have a schema. Putting schema into your category page code hurts your SEO. It takes the unique thing that only exists in one place on the internet and puts it in a thousand places on the internet, diluting the unique nature of that code.


Have questions about your product or category page code? Write in to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

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