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Shopper Approved has partnered with Answerbase in order to bring our clients Q&A functionality. This will allow you to collect questions and answers on your product pages to increase consumer confidence and boost conversion.

Answerbase has a great help center where you can find answers to most questions that might come up during the implementation into your website. For a full integration guide, please see here.

Answerbase has a few tools available, but the main integration includes the Q&A widget, conversion tracking, and the subscription widget. The Q&A widget will be placed on the product page, and the conversion tracking and subscription widget will be placed on the thank you page.

The Q&A widget is covered in the integration guide above. For more information on the conversion tracking and subscription widget, see here and here.

For any questions that have about Answerbase that you are not able to find an answer for in the Answerbase help articles, please reach out to

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