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Shopify Feed App Installation
Shopify Feed App Installation

This article will describe how to install the Shopper Approved feed app.

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You can locate the Shopify feed app by logging into your Shopper Approved dashboard and navigating to the drop-down menu in the upper left > Review Tools > App Marketplace > Shopify Product Feeds:

Make sure you are logged into the correct domain in both Shopify and the Shopper Approved dashboard.

Login to your Shopify store and navigate to Apps > App and Sales Channels > Develop apps.

Develop Apps > Create an app > Name something recognizable like “Shopper Approved Shopify Feed App”:

Click “Create app”.

From the “Configuration” tab, select “Configure Admin API Scopes”.

Select the following:

● read_orders

● read_order_edits

● read_products

● write_script_tags

● write_content

● read_content

Save and install app.

Once that is saved and you have clicked on “Install app”, navigate to the “API Credentials” tab, and copy your API access token here:

Note: This code is only accessible one time, so be sure to save it. Make sure you enter your store name in the Shopper Approved dashboard. You can find your store name in the URL.

Navigate back to the Shopper Approved dashboard and enter the API token and your store name (everything before “.myshopify”).

Note: This will save the tokens and generate a feed at the same time

This success message means that we have received your product feed.

If you receive this error message, there is likely an error in your API token/site name and the app will need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled from Shopify.

The product feed file will be emailed to Shopper Approved once the feed is generated and mapped to our system.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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