Is your image link broken?

This article will explain how to determine if a link is broken if it is showing “broken link” in your Shopper Approved dashboard.

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Image URL 

Every single image that lives on the internet has a website that is stored on a server somewhere. This link is where the image “lives.”

Broken Image URL 

If an image appears to be broken in the dashboard: 

  • Download the feed 

  • Find the Product that has the broken image 

  • Copy the image URL 

  • Paste into the browser 

If you see a picture, the image link is not broken, if you see an error page it means the image URL is broken. 

Why would an Image URL be broken? 

It is likely that the site where the image lives is not secure. Shopper Approved does not allow anything to live on our site that isn’t secure. 

  • Secure: https://

  • Not Secure: http://

Notice the Secure site has an s. The "s" at the end of "https" means the site is secure. All communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

  • Most product feeds do not have https:// for the image URLs. To test and see if the image link is broken or not, you will simply add the “s” to http:// 

  • If the link shows a valid image the link is not broken 

  • If it does not display the image, the URL is broken 


The easiest way to fix broken image links is to reach out to Shopper Approved Support and send them a new product feed with updated image URLs. 

You can email support here: [email protected] 

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