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Organic search results and product stars
Organic search results and product stars

This article will go over organic product stars and how they are displayed on Google.

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What are organic search results?

Organic search results are any results found below paid ads. Organic results are FREE. Merchants don’t have to pay for organic listings. Organic listings are results that are the closest match to what a user typed in their keywords in Google. Whatever the user organically typed from their brain into the search bar, it is Google’s job to match those keywords with relevant web listings.

Organic search results for product pages

An organic product listing will appear on product page listings. This will appear as stars below the product page link. Organic reviews will only appear on product pages, not category pages.


To qualify for organic stars on products, the product will need to have at least 1 review with comments and will appear once Google crawls your site and sees the importance of the product reviews you've collected. It's important to have Shopper Approved product page widgets on your product pages which include JSON-LD schema by default. Schema is very important as it's a red flag that calls out to Google when crawling your reviews. If you don't already have Schema enabled, we recommend using the JSON-LD Schema that's already included on the Shopper Approved product page widget by default.

If you're already using Schema on product pages, we recommend turning the Shopper Approved JSON-LD schema off to not conflict with what's already set up on your website. (top-left menu > Setup > Product Page Code > Enhancements > Inject JSON-LD Schema).

Here is a test you can run on product pages to see if you already support Schema (rich results).

Here is a helpful article from Google on review snippets.

Where to place the product page widget

Google looks at reviews like this: If the widget only exists in one place on the internet, it makes it unique and special. Once you add it to another place, it’s instantly half as special. We recommend only placing our product widgets on product pages to retain the uniqueness of the product review. If you add it to all of your category pages, it becomes diluted.

Category pages collect all the versions of the product in that specific category. This is why we don’t recommend putting product widgets on category pages - we want to only convey one idea about each page that Google is searching.

If you have any questions or need support running a Schema test, please contact our dedicated support team at [email protected].

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