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I have over 100 reviews in Google Seller Ratings but no stars in AdWords
I have over 100 reviews in Google Seller Ratings but no stars in AdWords

Understand why stars are not showing in your AdWords even if your reviews are showing in Seller Ratings.

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Where to find your Seller Ratings

Having stars show up in your Google AdWords and Google Shopping listings/Product Listing Ads can boost your click-through rate significantly. But occasionally, you might run into a scenario where your Seller Ratings doesn't properly match with your AdWords.

If this happens to you, first check that you see over 100 full reviews in Google Seller Ratings (ie.

What to do when you don't have stars in your Ads

When your ratings appear on this page, you should have 100 "full" reviews with comments from the past 24 months and the same country.

If you meet those requirements and don't see stars in your AdWords and Google Shopping listings, then all you need to do is contact Google AdWords via phone, chat, or email by going to this page:

Note: It is important to know that our role in displaying stars in your Ads is to make the ratings and reviews available to Google through the feed we provide and ensure they are reading in your Seller Ratings Page. At that point, Google will read the reviews and display them in your Ads based on their algorithms. This can depend on a variety of factors, including your ad settings, time, what users are searching, location, etc. Google doesn't guarantee that stars will always show in every ad all of the time.

Simply show them your Google Seller Ratings page, and then inform them that you have over 100 full reviews within the past 24 months but that the stars aren't displaying in your Adwords ads.


If you have any concerns or questions on how the syndication of your ratings and reviews work with showing in your Seller Ratings page, please refer to our help article referring to Syndication of Reviews and Ratings, or contact our Shopper Approved support team at [email protected].

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