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Shopping cart requirements

In this article you will find an overview of shopping carts, types of access we need, and an FAQ for that shopping cart.

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Integrating our service

In order for us to integrate the Shopper Approved code on your shopping cart, we will typically need a few accesses. In your onboarding process, you'll see requests for these accesses from us, and we're happy to explain anything in more detail. Here's a brief overview of what we may ask from you:

  • FTP Access:
    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP access is to the actual server that the website lives on.  

  • Admin Panel Access:
    Admin access is for the backend of the platform that you can access through the web browser. This will grant access to your cart dashboard.

Various shopping carts we work with:

Big Commerce - Admin Panel

Shopify - Partner portal, we request access

Wordpress - Admin Panel

Custom Carts - Admin Panel and FTP access 

  • There isn’t a specific FAQ for custom carts because they don’t go off of a typical platform. Anything custom you will always need Admin Panel and FTP Access 

X-Cart - Admin Panel and FTP access / X-Cart 5.0 and later has a module to integrate 

Miva - Admin Panel 

Magento - Admin Panel and FTP access 

WooCommerce - Admin Panel or through our plugin here

Core Commerce - Admin Panel 

NetSuite - Admin Panel and FTP access 

Able Commerce - Admin Panel 

Network Solutions - unknown

  • FAQ  - this is a web hosting site and offers WordPress

PrestaShop - Admin Panel and FTP access 

Yahoo - Admin Panel 

3-D Cart - Admin Panel and FTP access 

Volusion - Admin Panel access

Have any questions about this? We're happy to work with you! Please reach out with questions to [email protected].

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