What's a veto?

Shopper Approved previously gave clients the option to veto a specific amount of reviews in a rolling year.

Where did Vetoes go?

Google recently updated their requirements for review partners and vetoes were one of the features that were affected. To remain in good standing with Google, review partners are not allowed to let merchants delete reviews directly. We still have options to delete reviews, but all requests have to be submitted to Shopper Approved for review and ensure they meet specific criteria:

"Reviews may be flagged and will be removed only if the content contains hateful, violent, or inappropriate content, advertising or spam, is off-topic, or contains conflicts of interest."

We emailed everyone who used a veto in the last 12 months about this change on September 11th, 2020. Our previous approach with vetoes was very balanced for consumers and businesses. But when it comes to Google, our only real option is compliance.

How to handle negative reviews

Turn each negative review into a ‘net-positive’ review.
A net-positive review begins with the idea that, now more than ever, potential customers actually use negative reviews as a primary catalyst in their decision-making process. When they look at negative reviews and see that a company has taken the time to personally and sincerely help their clients who’ve had problems or issues, it instantly removes fear and doubt, while at the same time building trust, and allowing them to justify their buying decision - all of which lead to significantly increased sales.

Many business owners think that negative reviews hurt sales, but this is only true if they do nothing to publicly change the way potential customers view them. By utilizing the Shopper Approved Customer Care System in your control panel, you have several ways to turn negative reviews into net-positive reviews.

Whenever you get a negative review, simply open a private message in the Customer Care System to try and resolve your customer’s concern or issue. Then:

  • If you resolve it, the customer can update their ratings.

  • If they don’t respond, we back you up, by adding a public statement letting future customers know that you attempted to help the customer.

  • If you don’t resolve it for some reason, you can add a public comment to their negative review, which allows you to do things like; educate future readers on the efforts that you made to help the customer, inform them of misunderstood company policies, or explain why the customer may have experienced the issues they did, while providing a helpful solution.

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