Importing product reviews is a great feature to use so you don’t lose out on the reviews you’ve collected before beginning our service. We abide by strict guidelines so that the reviews you collect through Shopper Approved are all Google-approved.

Here’s what we need from you in order import your Product Reviews:

  • A completed content license agreement - Our Content License Agreement is a contract between your company and Shopper Approved for ownership of any imported reviews. The term outlined in the Content License Agreement is the length of ownership for the imported reviews, not a binding contract for your account with Shopper Approved. It also grants Shopper Approved to host your previously collected reviews while stating that you will always retain ownership of them.

  • Name - Customers like to read reviews that have a personal touch, which is why we add a display name to each review that we post. Google may not accept Anonymous.

  • Date of review - Reviews within the last 12 months will count toward Google.

  • Product rating - In accordance with Google requirements, this must be in a 1-5 format.

  • Comment - Ratings without comments will count toward your overall rating, but do not count toward your count displayed in Google ads and organic searches.

  • Product name

  • Product URL

  • Product image URL

  • Product ID

  • Review title (recommended)

  • Order number (recommended)

  • Email (recommended)

We will also need your product feed.

  • You can provide us with a .csv file or a hosted url if you have that available.

If you choose to import your reviews, your Onboarding Specialist at Shopper Approved will provide you with an example file to make sure you are sending the correct format and meet all the requirements. 

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